Alarm Types

Northeast Security Systems will keep your property safe in as many ways as you demand

We can monitor many different types of alarms, including:

Intrusion (Burglary) Alarm: A door-opening, motion-detector or glass-break sensor is set off while the system is armed.

Fire Alarm: A smoke detector, heat detector, duct smoke detector or a hood suppression unit is tripped. Fire alarms are always what we call a “24-hour zone,” i.e., the system does not have to be armed to activate.

Mechanical Alarm: We can monitor your boiler or generator for failure, or any kind of equipment that is temperature-sensitive, such as freezers and coolers, for high or low temperature.

Low Temperature Alarm: Triggered if the temperature in the house drops below the set temperature. This is also a 24-hour zone.

Fire Trouble: Indicates there is something wrong with the fire detection/alarm system—anything from a power failure or broken wire to a bad smoke detector.

System Trouble: Like fire trouble, this signal indicates one or more system problems, from a power failure or a communication error to a bad sensor.

AC Failure: Electricity is not reaching the system, either due to a power failure at the premises or in the system itself.

Low Battery Alarm: System has been running on battery power long enough to drain the battery, and could fail if the power is not restored soon.

Communication Error: Indicates your system had trouble communicating with Northeast Security Systems, owing to a bad phone line, or because you changed your phone service to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol, such as Vonage) without notifying Northeast Security Systems, Inc.