Monitoring Your System

Trust Northeast Security Systems to get help on the way when you can’t

We strongly recommend having Northeast Security Systems monitor your security, fire, low temperature or other systems. This means your system will not only activate at your home or business, but will also send a signal to our 24-hour alarm Central Station Operations Center.

Monitoring is critical if you are not on site at the time of the alarm, or are unable to call for help. Most insurance companies require monitored systems for second homes and those exceeding a certain value.

There are currently two means of monitoring available:

  • Telephone (also known as digital monitoring) In the event of an alarm or trouble, the system seizes the telephone line and transmits a signal to our 24-hour Alarm Operations Center. We program most systems we install to send a test signal every day.
  • Radio An AES IntelliNet two-way radio transceiver provides monitoring even when your phone line goes down.

For maximum security, we recommend the installation of a wireless radio along with the telephone line monitoring.

For your Maine home or your “away” home.

Many customers have asked if we can provide the same trustworthy monitoring for a security or fire alarm system at another home out-of-state. The answer is “yes!” Call 1-866-551-6377 for complete information and assistance.

Internet monitoring is available. For more information and to speak with a Northeast Security representative, please call 1-866-551-6377.

Our 24/7/365 alarm Central Station Operations Center

Reliable, safe and secure monitoring of your system

Some companies will sell you a security or fire alarm system, then subcontract to a third party to handle the critical task of monitoring your system. But here at Northeast Security Systems, we own and operate an onsite alarm Central Station Operations Center staffed 24/7/365 with highly trained and reliable dispatchers.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring center features:

  • Back-up generators Even during a storm or power outage, we can respond to your alarm signal or telephone call.
  • Complete security of both database information and processing equipment.
  • State-of-the-art receivers We can receive alarms signals via conventional phone, wireless radio network or secure Internet communication.

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