Open/Close Reporting

We’ll help you keep track of all the comings and goings at your business.

Open/Close Reporting details who armed and disarmed your system, and when, through weekly or monthly activity reports sent to you via email. Business owners like knowing if an employee failed to open the doors at the right hour, closed early, or made an unscheduled visit after hours.

Example of how Open/Close Reporting can work:

  • Sally works at Mainely Munchies and is responsible for opening the store at 7 am weekdays. But on Tuesday morning, she sleeps in. So at 7:01, Northeast Security Systems receives a 'late to open' notification and contacts Sally's Manager. As Sally finally does enter in her passcode to disarm the system at 8:10 am, Northeast Security Systems receives an 'Unscheduled Opening' signal and contacts Sally's Manager again.
  • On Wednesday night, Sally decides to close the store early, at 8 pm instead of 9. Northeast Security Systems receives an 'Unscheduled Close' signal at 8 pm and notifies Sally's manager.
  • After being relieved from her duties at Mainely Munchies, Sally decides to stop in at 2 am to pick up a few "parting gifts." Sally can use her key to enter the building but because Sally’s manager already removed her passcode from the security system, she cannot disarm it. An intrusion alarm goes off and Northeast Security Systems calls the police to respond, as well as notifying Sally’s former Manager.
  • Sally now has bigger problems than unemployment. But Mainely Munchies can rest easy knowing Northeast Security Systems has their business protected.