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Glen Dunkin' Donuts Burglarized

by Daymond Steer, The Conway Daily Sun; Posted: April 09, 2014 05:13

BARTLETT, NH — Police are looking for a burglar who busted into the Glen Dunkin' Donuts in the early morning hours of April 3 while wearing a "distinctive" hooded sweatshirt.

"Thursday April 3 at 4:30 a.m., the day time opening manager came to Dunkin' Donuts to discover a window had been smashed out and entry had been gained to the premises," said chief Timothy Connifey. "An interior office had also been broken into and an undisclosed amount of cash proceeds were taken from the premise."

Based on security footage, police could tell the suspect's hooded sweatshirt had a horizontal double stripe across the chest. The suspect is a medium-sized white male, said officer Janet Hadley Champlin who also said the suspect used a crow bar. 

"His hooded sweatshirt was distinctive," said Champlin. 

The burglar was in the Dunkin' Donuts for a matter of three or four minutes, said Connifey. 

Security camera captures image of suspect

There have been similar burglaries around the region, said Connifey. Bartlett police are working with the Cumberland County Maine Sheriff's Office and police from Berlin, Gorham and Bridgton, Maine. 

"They have experienced similar burglaries at similar business establishments," said Connifey. 

Connifey thanked Conway police for helping with the investigation. He also said the franchise owner and Dunkin' Donuts corporate have been "exceedingly cooperative and helpful."

Anyone with information about the Glen burglary is encouraged to call Bartlett police at 356-5868. People can leave anonymous tips. 

Source: http://www.conwaydailysun.com/newsx/local-news/112441-bartlett-pd-seek-info-on-burglar Conway Daily Sun (Conway, New Hampshire) — All Rights Reserved

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