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Remote Services for the Connected Home with iBridge

IBridge is an integrated control of your security system which keeps you connected to your home. Using Z-Wave, a wireless mesh networking technology,  iBridge home allows access to your security systems and video cameras and controls include indoor and outdoor lights, dimmers, thermostats, locks and small appliances.

iBridge is a line of interactive services providing consumers with smart phone, tablet or PC access and 24/7 control, anytime and anywhere. Devices can be manually activated, locally or remotely, and set to respond with custom scenes, schedules or occupancy, for example, when a room is entered lights come on, temperature is increased, etc. (even when the system is disarmed.)  

Click on the link to view the easy use and functions of iBridge. 


This product can be purchased, installed and monitored through Northeast Security Systems. We can protect your home and your loved ones — with individual services or an efficient, integrated system. We offer fire alarm systems, intrusion systems, whole house security, gate systems and driveway protection and video surveillance systems. 

Call Northeast Security Systems at 866-551-6377 to schedule an appointment with a systems designer to answer questions and evaluate your needs.