Protecting against outsiders

Integrated Security Systems Protect your business against theft or vandalism, while also monitoring for fire, mechanical system failures and more. We design, install and service systems as simple or complex as your business requires, employing video surveillance, motion detectors, door contacts, glass break sensors and other tools. And we always design to minimize annoying false alarms.

Fire Alarm Systems We’re experts at designing commercial fire alarm systems that meet NFPA 72 (National Fire Protection Association) and Life Safety 101 codes, working with the State Fire Marshal's Office and the authorities having jurisdiction. Our addressable systems provide pinpoint device location for emergency responders as specific as, for example, 'Boiler Room Heat,' which can save precious time in a raging fire.

Our convenient service plans and inspection contracts can put your system on an automatic schedule for inspection at the interval required by the NFPA72 National Fire Alarm Code—or more often if you choose.

Panic/Hold Up Devices Thieves target any business with money on site—not only financial institutions—but also convenience stores, groceries, pharmacies, courts and jewelers. A button at an employee's fingertips safely and discreetly sends a signal to our 24-Hour Alarm Operations Center; our dispatcher will then follow whatever protocol you’ve established—usually, to call the authorities first, then a manager off-site.

Video Surveillance Systems A closed circuit television system can include any number of cameras, indoor and outdoor, and monitors. We can enable remote viewing via the web, and a DVR unit or Network IP cameras can record to an existing PC or server.

Gate Systems A well-placed Driveway [OR: Parking Lot] Sensor—hardwired or wireless—can alert you of approaching vehicles and pedestrians. A Gate System provides even greater control over access to your property.