Home Security

Whether you’re at home or away…relax: you’ve got a Maine neighbor watching over your property.

A security system is only as good as the team monitoring it — especially when you’re away from home. Most national firms operate mega central offices where you are one of 50,000 or more clients, often equating size with quality. Many smaller firms in Maine and across the country either sell or subcontract their clients to these central offices which are often located in large urban areas of the nation. Out of necessity, you are but a numbered account in these centers and the response must be limited and specific with little interaction. Daily testing and other non-emergency types of interaction are often discouraged for obvious reasons.

In contrast, Northeast Security Systems has its own alarm operations center, Central Station Operations Center, in Wiscasset, staffed around the clock, year round by rigorously trained, highly reliable specialists. We are proud that we are a Maine company with absolutely all the skills and technology of the nationals as well as the time and dedication to truly provide customer “service” at all levels of our organization.

Across our broad range of systems and services, we use the highest quality components and pay careful attention to details. So you can count on having a system that is effective — with minimal false alarms — aesthetically pleasing, and as maintenance-free as possible.

Saving money, adding value

Beyond protecting what you value most, a security system from Northeast Security System can also:

  • qualify you for discounts off your homeowners insurance premium
  • add resale value to your home

How many vulnerabilities does your home have today?

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