Dare to Compare Security Checklist

At Northeast Security Systems, Inc., we dare to compare

___ Time to upgrade your existing system? Ask about a free site audit and a competitive quote from Northeast Security Systems.
___ Are you happy with your current provider’s service? ___ Practices? ___ Fees?
___ What’s the total 5-year cost? (The installed price is just one cost!)
___ How much time is being allocated for the careful installation & fishing of wires in walls?
___ Are the devices hardwired or wireless? (Wireless devices are quick and cheap to install, but require batteries, which must be routinely replaced. Think about who is going to do that and what it will cost each time.)
___ How is your current or proposed new system monitored and reported?
  • To a neighbor who you hope will hear it and respond?
  • Locally or out of state, where you are just one in a million customers?
  • By phone, by internet or through a fail-safe wireless method such as our AES radios, which provide redundant reporting to either IP or phone lines?