Protecting your premises

Fire Alarm Systems

When seconds count, your main concern should be evacuation; let Northeast Security Systems handle notification of the fire department. Our monitored Smoke Detectors will not only give you an early warning siren, but will also notify our Alarm Operations Center to carry out your pre-specified instructions.

Intrusion Systems

Whether you’re at home or away, sleep peacefully knowing your home and family are safe. We’ll visit your home personally and custom-design a security system with all the technology and services needed to keep you safe: Motion Detectors, Door Contacts, Glass Break Sensors, Open/Close reporting and more. We can design our systems to minimize visibility and avoid false alarms.

Whole House Security

In addition to fire and intrusion protection, a Northeast Security system also incorporates and protects your home with early warnings of the dangers that a failed sump or sewer pump, freezer/refrigeration temperature deviations, low room temperatures or generator could cause. If a sensor can detect the problem, it most likely can be monitored on the same panel that reports fire and intrusion at no additional cost!

Gate Systems and Driveway Protection

  • Choose a well-placed Driveway Sensor — hardwired or wireless — to alert you of approaching vehicles and pedestrians...especially if you can’t see the entrance from your house.
  • A Gate System provides even greater control over access to your property. It's the perfect solution for summer homes or vacation homes.

Video Surveillance Systems

A closed circuit television system can include any number of cameras, indoor and outdoor, and monitors. We can enable remote viewing via the web, and a DVR unit or Network IP cameras can record to an existing PC or server.

Insurance discounts may be available for fully integrated and monitored systems.