Protecting your systems

Mechanical System Monitoring We can tie into your mechanical systems in order to notify you if the boiler, septic or sump pump fails, or if your generator starts running or fails to start. Call 866-551-6377 to ask if your system is compatible.

Low Temperature Systems Water damage from frozen pipes is one of the most common and costly emergencies facing those who leave their Maine home during the winter. Our low-temperature alarm systems will send a signal to us and the contacts you pre-specify: yourself, a local caretaker, the oil company, and/or the plumber.

Water Sensing Systems Water sensors (or “Water Bugs”) are the affordable solution to avert costly repairs due to water damage in locations where flooding might be a problem, especially:

  • Basements that are prone to leaking or flooding
  • Second floor laundries (the pan beneath the washing machine is not large enough to hold all the water a washing machine can)